The End Of An Era: Saying Goodbye To The House That Started It All

The End Of An Era: Saying Goodbye To The House That Started It All

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When people ask where the name Acadian Embassy comes from, the answer is always the same: “it was the name of our house.”

What started as a simple nickname for the little yellow bungalow on Micmac Street quickly developed into so much more.

At its heart, the name reflects a strong sense of community and carries with it a vibrant philosophy that keeps us all intrinsically connected – we build together, create together, learn together, fuck up together, grow together.

This undercurrent runs deep in the walls of this house.

Over the last five years, this place was many things to many people: an office, a rehearsal space (sorry Nicole!), a warehouse, a place to stay for traveling bands and friends, a prime location for many video shoots, a recording facility, a host for several backyard, basement, & living room concerts, a ground zero for some of the most epic neighbourhood-wide water balloon fights, a home.

Here we have learned so much not only about who we are and what we do, but also about what we’re capable of doing. As musicians, industry professionals, friends, and community-oriented people, this little house was a breeding ground for ideas, creativity, support, and trust. We carry these things with us as we move Embassy HQ to a new space, but it is this original location – both in a physical and metaphysical way – that started it all for Acadian Embassy.

Thus, it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye.

Au revoir old friend. Long may you remain in our memories.

Keep an eye on Les for us, would you?