Sleepless Nights premiere made-in-isolation video for “Greatest Hits” via CBC Music

Sleepless Nights premiere made-in-isolation video for “Greatest Hits” via CBC Music

SLN - Every Word Is A Trap - High Res Art…new album, Every Word Is A Trap, out on Friday.

Ahead of a brand new album being released this Friday, Sleepless Nights unveil a video for their latest single, “Greatest Hits. Premiering today via CBC Music, the video was entirely conceived of, shot, and edited in quarantine. Watch it HERE.

Created over two days, the video captures the incredible anxiety of doing something as simple as leaving the house during the nation-wide lockdowns. Shot in a 4:3 aspect ratio to heighten the feeling of confinement, the clip explores the anxieties of isolating yourself from the world while trying to do your part to help it.

“I wanted to highlight the shared feelings that we’re all in the same situation. There’s a huge weight of responsibility to do your part in this effort. It’s a sacrifice, but it’s really important that we all do this together,” says filmmaker Nathan Boone, who helmed the creative direction of the “Greatest Hits” video. “We made a video in a bubble to highlight why it’s important to stay in the bubble. From the production to the design to the post, we pulled it off from within our home without breaking the lockdown.”

“Mask. Gloves. Lysol wipes. The first three shots of Sleepless Nights’ video for their new track, ‘Greatest Hits,’ wastes no time setting itself within the pandemic, but the opening lines throw us back to a freer time.” – Holly Gordon, CBC Music

“Greatest Hits” is the latest offering from Sleepless Nights and the lead track from the new album, Every Word Is A Trap, which is available Friday, May 29 via Acadian Embassy.

The record finds the band leaning hard into their affinity for glam rock grooves, new wave deliveries, and anthemic earworms. Throughout the seven song offering – which features contributions from Ian Blurton (C’mon, Change of Heart), Jordan Murphy (Walrus), Myles Deck (Cauldron), Josh “Pinky” Pothier (Kuato), and Kate Leduce (Robot Eyes) – the retro throwback influence of bands such as T. Rex, The Knack, and The Cars blends seamlessly with contemporary themes.

Calling up punchy guitar stabs, a four-on-the-floor drive, ripping solos, and dirty staccato organs, “Pink Popcorn” takes potshots at the hypermasculinity of rock’s past. The fuzzed-out, Joel Plaskett-produced “Kids On Drugs” tackles ideas of reckless youth and cell phone parents. “Spendin’ Money” – a track released on Black Friday – takes a critical look at endless cycles of debt and how we end up there.

Beneath the allusions and homages to classic rock, Sleepless Nights underscores their tongue-in-cheek narratives with an unrelenting ability to write catchy-as-hell rippers. These are the signature hallmarks of a band that has been making its mark on the country’s musical landscape for nearly 15 years, and proof positive that beneath the fun-loving riffs and pop-forward melodies rock n’ roll still has something to say.