Quiet Parade unveils new single, “Don’t Put It On Me”

Quiet Parade unveils new single, “Don’t Put It On Me”

QP - Album Cover - WEB RESFull-length album, The Will To Weather The Storm, available on April 17.

Quiet Parade unveils Don’t Put It On Me – a brand new single that once again shines a light on the Halifax band’s refined pop-rock direction and new lineup. The single and accompanying lyric video comes ahead of Quiet Parade’s eighth album, The Will To Weather The Storm, which is due out next Friday, April 17.

Couched in a major-chord sheen, the track’s lyrics strike a more ominous tone. Originally written as a reflection on climate change, the words – as is the case with many songs these days – perhaps take on new meaning in the current context.

“This is a song about being born into crisis; about living in a world that seems unfixable when we’re all shouting over one another; about looking to the past to recognize that the wisdom of our elders can teach us more about how to care for the future,” says Quiet Parade frontperson, Trevor Murphy.

Outside of their previous single, “Young Hearts,” which was recorded and produced by Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions, Sorrey, Kinley) at The Hill Sound in Charlottetown, PEI the remaining eight tracks on The Will To Weather The Storm were recorded by Thomas Stajcer (Joel Plaskett, Erin Costelo, Villages) at New Scotland Yard in Dartmouth, NS.

While many acts are deferring album launches in the face of a global pandemic, the fog-rock quartet forges ahead with their planned release schedule for the new LP.

“This is a record about having perspective on the moments that change you; about acknowledging these shifts and the weight they put on your shoulders; about choosing the direction you take at new and unexpected forks in the road; about searching for a glimmer of light in the resolute dark,” Murphy wrote on social media as part of the album announcement in March. “These themes resonate for all of us right now – perhaps more than ever. In a month, the world may look completely different. When that time comes, perhaps you will find something meaningful in the songs we’ve collected, in the words I’ve written, and in this body of work that we have worked so hard to create.”

Pre-order the album on Bandcamp HERE.