Acadian Embassy Introduces: The Parish Choir

Acadian Embassy Introduces: The Parish Choir



Fuelled by distance and nostalgia, The Parish Choir is a recording project helmed by Trevor Murphy (Quiet Parade/Dance Movie) and newcomer Becky Murray. Their debut self-titled single is built on a foundation of experimentation, creative re-interpretation, and deep-seeded appreciation for late 90s CanCon.

The two tracks – covers of Matthew Good Band’s “Running From Home” and David Usher’s “St. Lawrence River” – were stripped bare at the outset, moulded around darkened, down-tuned acoustics. The approach allowed the duo to rebuild the tracks in the moment, while championing a renewed focus on the lyrical content of the originals.

Recorded at the renowned Echo Chamber studio in Halifax, NS with Palmer Jamieson (Beauts/Night Surf), the selections chosen by The Parish Choir capture particular themes: the solitude of winter, the persistent chase towards uncertainty, the haunting pangs of regret. “I always thought I’d make it up to you,” the duo sings on the B-Side.

It is here, amidst this melancholic and somber atmosphere the Parish Choir recordings bend towards beauty. A glance into the vapours of the past, mired in the haze of mistakes, memories, and unrelenting rurality.

The Parish Choir’s self-titled debut (AE021) is available today as a free download in the Acadian Embassy store.