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The Parish Choir|The Parish Choir

01. Running For Home (Matthew Good Band Cover)
02. St. Lawrence River (David Usher Cover)

Release date: July 22, 2016

Vocals – Becky Murray & Trevor Murphy
Instrumentation – Trevor Murphy

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Palmer Jamieson at Echo Chamber in Halifax, NS.

“Running For Home” written by Matthew Good & Dave Genn, from the album Beautiful Midnight (1999)
“St. Lawrence River” written by David Usher, from the album Little Songs (1998)

Fossil Cliffs|Enter The Realm

01. Federation Law
02. I Never Thought You Would
03. The Woods
04. Bury Your Heart
05. Interlude
06. Set You Free
07. Tearing My Heart Out
08. Enter The Realm

Release date: June 10, 2016

Mike D’Eon – Guitar, Vocals, Tambourines, Drums on “Enter The Realm”
Julia Weir – Keys, Vocals
Trevor Murphy – Bass, Tambourines
Matt Gorman – Drums

Additional Musicians: Matthew Amirault – Organ on “Federation Law”
Roger Nelson – Lap Steel on “Set You Free”

“I Never Thought You Would,” “Tearing My Heart Out,” and “Enter The Realm” recorded and engineered by Mike D’Eon at the Acadian Embassy – January 2015
“Bury Your Heart,” “Interlude,” and “Set You Free” recorded and engineered by Palmer Jamieson at Echo Chamber – November 2015
“Federation Law” and “The Woods” recorded and engineered by Palmer Jamieson at Echo Chamber – March 2016

Overdubs and additional tracking recorded and engineered by Mike D’Eon at Embassy HQ – Winter 2016

Produced & Mixed by Mike D’Eon Mastered by Matt Hemeon

Album art design & layout by The Team
Back cover photos by Richard Lann

Quiet Parade|Quiet Parade

01. All My Time
02. Heavy Winter
03. Light Back Home
04. Good Advice
05. Calling Out
06. We Were HEre
07. Ancestors
08. Running Out Of Time
09. I Will Try
10. City Of The Dead

Release date: September 18, 2015

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Daniel Ledwell at Echo Lake in Lake Echo, NS.

Mastered by J. Lapointe at Archive Mastering in Mineville, NS.

All songs written and performed by Quiet Parade.

Rain Over St. Ambrose|Still Waking Up

01. 29 Takes
02. Broken Love
03. Petty Thief
04. 1×1
05. Wasted Days
06. Death of a Salesman
07. Still Waking Up
08. We Play The Night
09. Un Orage
10. Talk Talk Talk

Release date: June 16, 2015

Recorded by Diego Medina and produced by Tim d’Eon at The Old Confidence Lodge in Riverport, NS
Mixed by Tony Doogan at the Castle of Doom in Scotland
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Audio in New York

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Quiet Parade|Lighthouse T-Shirt (Women's)

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Quiet Parade|Lighthouse T-Shirt (Men's)

Black shirt with white logo OR Heathered Navy shirt with white logo
Alstyle Adult Jersey Fitted Crew Neck Tee

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Fossil Cliffs|Fossil Cliffs

01. Summer Sun
02. In My Eyes
03. Wake Me Up
04. Cold
05. Down And Out

Release date: 07 October 2014

Recorded in its entirety in the basement of the Acadian Embassy

Recorded and mixed by Mike D’Eon
Mastered by Matthew Hemeon
Artwork: Adam Hartling
Mike D’Eon- Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Julia Weir- keys, Vocals


2. TEN

AE013 / NR-038
Release date: 16 September 2014

Nick, Jim, Dave, Josh and Mark.

Tracks 7-11 recorded at the Archive by J. LaPointe (Spring 2008). Tracks 13-19 drums and bass recorded at Echo Chamber by Charles Austin and Dave Ewnenson. Vox and guitars recorded at Liquid Digitial by Matt Miller (2009-2011). Mixed by Ron Anonsen in LA, California (2012). Mastered by Ron Bates in Halifax, NS (2013).

This is a co-release with our friends at Noyes Records.

Kuato|The Great Upheaval

1. New Home
2. Groundwork
3. Red Sand
4. Black Horizon
5. Ripped From The Soil
6. Battle of Bloody Creek
7. The Great Upheaval

AE015 | Released 24 June 2014
Recorded at The Old Confidence Lodge, Riverport NS
Engineered and mixed by Diego Medina
Produced by Kuato and Diego Medina
Mastered by Joe Lambert @ JLM – Brooklyn, NY

Artwork, layout & design by Stephen MacDonald

Kuato is:
Adam Toth – Guitar; Mike D’Eon – Guitar; Darryl Smith – Guitar; Stephen MacDonald – Bass; Josh Pothier – Drums

Lap Steel on “New Home” by Jason Barkhouse
Tuba on “Groundwork” by Corey Henderson
Piano on “Ripped From the Soil” by Scott Nicks

All songs written by Kuato except “Black Horizon” written by Kuato with Matthew Fleming and Devin Peck

AA Wallace|the mu-(sic) 4 zero muzizians

1. Remember The Future
2. The Punishment
3. Psalm Reader
4. Mainline
5. Early Days
6. Cameron’s Projection
7. Prison of Light

AE014 | Released 23 February 2014
AA Wallace’s experimental release of minimalist beats, stark soundscapes and samples from VHS movies. Available digitally and on a limited edition cassette.

AA Wallace|3.5" Embroidered Patch

This is a 3.5″ embroidered patch with the AA Wallace logo and a yellow border.

Kuato|Groundwork/Battle of Bloody Creek Limited Edition Red Cassette

01. Groundwork
02. Battle of Bloody Creek

AE012 | Released 30 October 2013
This red cassette contains two brand new tracks from Kuato’s upcoming debut album “The Great Upheaval”. Limited to 50 copies, it is the only way to currently hear these new tracks months before the album release, unless you’re dubbing copies for your friends like a dick.

It comes with private digital download of both songs.

MIKE D’EON – Guitar
ADAM TOTH – Guitar

Tuba on Groundwork performed by Corey Henderson
Recorded and mixed by Diego Medina @ Confidence Lodge
Mastered by Joe Lambert at JLM – Brooklyn, NY

A Tribute To Share|We Have The Same Lights Overhead

1. Subtle Ways – Won’t Be Long
2. The Two-Minute Miracles – Silhouette
3. Mary Cobham – Foreign Church
4. Kuato feat. Rachel Sunter – The Yard
5. Jon McKiel – Too Shy To Blush
6. Daniel Ledwell – We Have The Same Lights Overhead
7. Quiet Parade – Empathy For The Devil
8. Michael Feuerstack and Binoculers – Maybe, Always
9. Jenn Grant – Subject To Change
10. Rain Over St. Ambrose – The Great Before
11. The Prospector’s Union – Soil
12. AA Wallace – Ambulance
13. Gianna Lauren – Awake At Dawn

AE011 | Released 22 May 2013
A compilation celebrating the works of Canadian songwriter Andrew Sisk and his band Share.
Mastered by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles, Preston, ON.
Album art by Greg Denton.

AA Wallace| (disambiguation)

1. Offline
2. Post-Mortem Depression
3. Feels Too Real
4. Complaining About Airports
5. Du What U Wunt
6. Lipstick & Stethoscopes
7. Temporal Suspension
8. This Can Heal

AE010 | Released 07 May 2013
Order the new LP by AA Wallace and get all of the following goodies!
- A copy of the LP shipped to you
- Instant digital download of the album
- A limited edition “This Can Heal” Flexi-disc single
- Random orders will also find a super secret, super rare bonus gift!

Quiet Parade| Old Haunts

1. Ghosts
2. Edge Of The Ocean
3. How Come You Never Call (Or Write)?
4. Easy On Me
5. Feel Young

AE009 | Released 12 March 2013
Produced by Daniel Ledwell
Recorded at Codapop Studios by Erien Eady-Ward and in Lake Echo by Daniel Ledwell.
Mixed by Daniel Ledwell.
Mastered by AA Wallace.

Every person who buys a copy of the album (digital OR physical) will receive a FREE download code for a special live album, Quiet Parade – Live At Codapop.

Rain Over St. Ambrose|Truth For News

1. Debate
2. Headstone Light
3. Walking Home
4. Your Audience
5. Parade
6. Chemtrails Of Happiness
7. DG Gold Paint
8. At Night With Friends
9. Tambourine
10. Good Father (Part 1)
11. Good Father (Part 2)

AE008 | Released 23 October 2012
Recorded at Codapop Studios, Halifax NS

Kuato|Summer EP

1. Iraqnaphobia
2. Afghanistan Rogers
3. Frances The Mutant

AE007 | Released 09 August 2011
Recorded by James O’Toole
Mixed by James O’Toole
Mastered by AA Wallace
Artwork by Robert Kenney

Rain Over St. Ambrose| Overton Window

1. Chemtrails Of Happiness
2. Overton Window
3. Your Audience
4. Campfires

AE006 | Released 01 November 2011
Recorded at Codapop Studios, Halifax NS

Quiet Parade|Please Come Home (We Hate It Here Without You)

1. Buying Time
2. End Of Days
3. Bury My Bones
4. I Will Try
5. Wrath
6. March Of Centuries
7. I Never Wanted To Live Like That
8. In Your Arms
9. An Island

AE005 | Released 20 April 2011
Recorded in Quinan, NS with Daniel Ledwell
Mixed by Daniel Ledwell
Mastered by Seth Smith

Rain Over St. Ambrose|EP

1. DG Gold Paint
2. Headstone Lights
3. At Night With Friends

AE004 | Released April 16, 2011

Kuato|Winter EP

1. Pet Seminary
2. Schindler’s Lisp
3. Anarchy In The Ukraine

AE003 | Released 06 February 2011
Recorded by James O’Toole and Charles Austin
Mixed by James O’Toole
Mastered by AA Wallace
Artwork by Robert Kenney


1. Al-Jazebra
2. Nazi Synthesizers

AE002 | Released 27 October 2010
Recorded by Charles Austin
Mixed by James O’Toole
Mastered by AA Wallace

The Establishment|The Consumer

1. Give Up
2. Mechanistic
3. Only Exercises
4. Atlantis
5. The Consumer
6. Sit And Wait
7. Signals
8. In The Frame Of Light

AE001 | Released 27 October 2010
Recorded, mixed and mastered by J Lapointe.

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