Sleepless Nights are “Spendin’ Money” on Black Friday

Sleepless Nights are “Spendin’ Money” on Black Friday

Sleepless Nights - Spendin' Money - Web…stream the new single on digital platforms between purchases. 

Just in time for Black Friday, Sleepless Nights release their latest single, “Spendin’ Money. Stream it on your platform of choice HERE.

Despite its arrival on the busiest shopping day of the year, “Spendin’ Money” is anything but a pro-capitalism anthem. Couched in classic rock tones, glam rock grooves, and fuzzed-out riffs, the latest from the Toronto-based band instead takes a critical look at endless cycles of debt and how we end up there.

Whether because of “a torn diploma from another age” or from doing “menial work for a menial wage,” the track questions why ‘being in the black’ always seems so far out of reach.

This is the fourth single from Sleepless Nights this year, following the catchy-as-hell ripper Kids On Drugs, the Cars-esque Pink Popcorn, and a cover of the Eric Surette Acadian classic, La Molue. The band celebrates the release of this newest track with a show in Toronto, ON at the Handlebar on Saturday, December 14. In March 2020, Sleepless Nights head to New York to perform as part of The New Colossus Festival.