Rain Over St. Ambrose Releases Drop

Rain Over St. Ambrose Releases Drop

DROP ART - FINAL…new single and lyric video streaming now!

Rain Over St. Ambrose releases, “Drop,” a brand new single available to stream today. Click HERE to listen on your platform of choice.

The latest stand-alone track from Rain Over St. Ambrose is a zoomed-out contemplation of existential context that effectively straddles two worlds. Like a hesitant step towards the dance floor, the song moves between bending leads and booming drum rolls before a descending bass line leads the way to a cavernous half-time chorus rife with choral-esque backup vocals and a raspy reflection on rock n’ roll in the era of pop dominance. Culminating with a delicate piano outro and a gentle vocal delivery, the song emphasizes an attentive sense of what could have been in the face of what is.

Interweaving nervous nostalgia with grounded precaution, frozen memories and thriving futures fuse together in an uncomfortable haze.

“Drop” was recorded at New Scotland Yard in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia by Thomas Stajcer (Joel Plaskett, Erin Costelo, Mo Kenney), and mixed at the Castle of Doom in Glasgow, Scotland by Tony Doogan (Wintersleep, Mogwai, Belle and Sebastian)

WATCH: “Drop” [Official Lyric Video]