PostcardFrontYou’ve received a special gift download sampler from Acadian Embassy!

In this download you’ll find new tracks from each Acadian Embassy artist as well as some unreleased and bonus tracks.

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1. Subtle Ways – Won’t Be Long (From “We Have the Same Lights Overhead – a Tribute to Share)
2. AA Wallace – Temporal Suspension (From “(disambiguation)”)
3. Quiet Parade – Edge of the Ocean (From “Old Haunts”)
4. Rain Over St. Ambrose – Debate (From “Truth for News”)
5. Kuato – Battle of Bloody Creek (From “The Great Upheaval”)
6. The Establishment – Give Up (From “The Consumer”)
7. AA Wallace feat. Aux Jennings – Gold Cereal/Post-Mortem Depression
8. Rain Over St. Ambrose – Your Audience 
(Live on Q104)
9. Quiet Parade – Regret (Plumtree Cover)