Acadian Embassy Annual Boxing Day Bash – SOLD OUT!

Our annual Boxing Day Bash in Yarmouth, NS is now SOLD OUT. As you may know, proceeds of this show are going to help Rain Over St. Ambrose put out their new full-length record. If you don’t have tickets and would still like to find a way to support the band, might we suggest picking up a new, limited edition Rain Over St. Ambrose T-Shirt HERE.

Happy Holidays!

Acadian Embassy featured on Vice’s food blog, Munchies

DSC_9877Rappie pie has long been a staple in our homes. A few weeks ago, we brought a writer from MunchiesVice‘s food blog – to Sluice Point, Nova Scotia to show him the finer points of making this Acadian classic.

The result is a truly wonderful piece by Nick Laugher called “Rappie Pie Is a Gooey, Fatty, Touchstone of Acadian Culture” and you can read it online HERE.

Quiet Parade reviews from NSMW 2014

QP-NSMW2014After a great weekend all around for Acadian Embassy at Nova Scotia Music Week 2014 in Truro, NS, our very own bleeding-heart rural champions Quiet Parade picked up a couple reviews for their set Saturday night.

…songs like ‘We Were Here’ and ‘Light Back Home,’ from the band’s forthcoming release, had an engaging weight to them.” - Exclaim!

Read the whole review HERE.

…reflective and dramatic songs about small towns and lingering regrets.” -The Chronicle Herald

Read the whole feature HERE.

Quiet Parade performs in Shelburne, NS on Friday, November 28 and in Yarmouth, NS on Saturday, November 29.

Acadian Embassy introduces Fossil Cliffs

FossilCliffs-AlbumArtAcadian Embassy introduces Fossil Cliffs, the new solo project from Mike D’Eon (Kuato, The Establishment). Recorded in its entirety in the basement of the Embassy – the house from which the label draws its name – the debut EP is an inspired collection of tracks that draws influence from decades of unsung Halifax underground champions. From the jittery start/stops of opener “Summer Sun, to the pop-rock stoner sludge of “In My Eyes, and the jangly washed out guitars of “Cold, the five-track album in an eclectic opening statement tinged with reverb and earnesty.

The album is slated for official release on Tuesday, October 7. The Fossil Cliffs EP release show happens Thursday, October 2 at Gus’ Pub with Crossed Wires.

A video for the album’s single “Wake Me Up, directed and shot by Adam MacPherson, was unveiled today. Watch it below or in our videos section.

For more information about Fossil Cliffs, visit:

VKNGS debut LP available Sept. 16 via Acadian Embassy & Noyes Records

VKNGS-LP-WEBThrough walls of crushing guitars, mammoth bass, pummeling drums and threatening overtones,VKNGS loom like goliaths. More than eight years in the making, the band celebrates the release of their debut full-length on Tuesday, September 16.

The album from the Halifax-based post-hardcore noise rock outfit is an arresting onslaught of tracks melding aggression and melody, angular riffs and sludged out breaks, unwavering volume and deliberated purpose.

Co-released by Acadian Embassy and Noyes Records and on clear 12” vinyl, the record is a long-awaited LP from the band whose members have previously been part of groups such as North of America, The Holy Shroud, Union of the Snake, Jon Mckiel, Jimmy Swift Band, Adrenaline, and Gorbage.

Pre-order the LP in our STORE and stream the track “Nineteen” via Bandcamp.

Groundwork in Acadie // A Note on National Acadian Day

It seems kind of fitting that today I find myself in the province where, 133 years ago, a delegation of our ancestors at the very first National Convention of the Acadians declared August 15 National Acadian Day. Even more fitting perhaps is the fact that I am passing through New Brunswick after having just attended the 2014 World Acadian Congress – a two and a half week event where Acadians from around the world reunite to discuss, celebrate, learn about, and reconnect with all things Acadian.

I traveled to Edmundston to deliver a presentation on the role of religion in contemporary Acadian identity in Nova Scotia, the subject of a Masters thesis I am currently (taking way too long to finish) writing. At the heart of my thesis is a simple question, one I’ve been asking myself for some time. It’s actually a question that we here at the Embassy have been asking ourselves since we launched this label four years ago: what does it mean to be Acadian?

The simple answer is it means lots of things in lots of different ways to lots of different people.

The problem is that we don’t all see it that way.

There are those who would believe that having ancestral ties to those deported from the Maritimes in 1755 is what makes you Acadian. Some who would suggest that sharing a certain set of values is the element that binds us. Others who would insist that in order to be Acadian you have to speak French. There are many who would agree that being Acadian entails a combination of all of those things and some variety thereof, and many others still who are simply content knowing that rappie pie is the best food you could ever eat.

The beauty of what it means to be Acadian is that it can be all of those things.

In certain circles you will hear Acadie referred to as a “societal project.” Acadian Embassy has always had the goal of contributing to that project in our own unique way and adding our voice to the conversation.

Over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate to share some of our ideas with musicians, academics, friends, and fans. But from day one, Josh and I have talked about the idea of using music as a tool to express these ideas too.

Enter Kuato.

The Great Upheaval – the band’s debut full-length album – is a post-rock, psychedelic doom opus that draws on themes of the brutal 18th Century expulsion to create brooding sonic narratives. I won’t speak too much to the album’s concept (you can read all about that in this excellent feature by Noisey), save to say this probably isn’t the first thing you think of when someone says “Acadian.”

And that’s sort of the point. It cuts against the grain, it challenges assumptions, it prompts discussion – the kind of things we’ve been trying to spur behind the scenes with the Embassy since 2010.

Also you guys, it’s a really amazing album. Just ask NOW Magazine.

Bonne fête nationale et joyeux 15 août!

- Trev

*For today only, buy a copy of Kuato’s The Great Upheaval on vinyl for $17.55.

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