YOUNG HEARTS - ART - Higher Res…stream the glossy pop-rock ripper and watch a video for the track today.

Quiet Parade returns with “Young Hearts” – a glossy pop-rock single showcasing the band’s new lineup and refined sonic direction. Produced and recorded by Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions, Sorrey), the track is underscored by a brand new video by Nicole Cecile Holland. Listen to the song on your platform of choice and watch the video below.

“Young Hearts” is a song about watching monumental changes happening in your friends’ lives from a distance. Natural disasters, inclement separation, falling out of touch and out of love: how do you react – how do you act – in these moments? How do you help them weather the storm? How do you accept the onset of such tempests in your own life? Between driving hooks, anthemic choruses, and enticing dynamics the band attempts to tackle such burrowing questions.