After a summer spent mixing their new album and procreating, Kuato are climbing out of the basement and hitting the road to join We’re Doomed on some Maritime dates, as well as showcase at the Halifax Pop Explosion and…

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Even when he fronted Halifax rock outfit Sleepless Nights, A.A. Wallace had a singular mindset, treating the band as a rotating cast of whoever was available, interested, and qualified, instead of a group of personalities upon whom the entire thing depended. It’s no big surprise that he’s since ended up out on his own, recently remixing tracks for Pick A Piper and Jenn Grant, and releasing his full-length solo debut, (disambiguation).

“We reached a point in the band where we were all kind of bored with it,” Wallace admits over the phone from Halifax. “I kept doing things the way I was doing them before, just by myself.”

Bands ditching guitars and going electronic may increasingly be the name of the game, but unlike most being influenced by trends or stunted by the prohibitive costs of being a touring band, Wallace’s earliest instrument was actually a computer—growing up in Yarmouth, NS, his first musical experiments were with sequencing, not strumming. Post-Sleepless Nights, when it came time to make (disambiguation), Wallace’s songwriting took a mechanical turn.

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