Quiet Parade unveils new single, “Don’t Put It On Me”

QP - Album Cover - WEB RESFull-length album, The Will To Weather The Storm, available on April 17.

Quiet Parade unveils Don’t Put It On Me – a brand new single that once again shines a light on the Halifax band’s refined pop-rock direction and new lineup. The single and accompanying lyric video comes ahead of Quiet Parade’s eighth album, The Will To Weather The Storm, which is due out next Friday, April 17.

Couched in a major-chord sheen, the track’s lyrics strike a more ominous tone. Originally written as a reflection on climate change, the words – as is the case with many songs these days – perhaps take on new meaning in the current context.

“This is a song about being born into crisis; about living in a world that seems unfixable when we’re all shouting over one another; about looking to the past to recognize that the wisdom of our elders can teach us more about how to care for the future,” says Quiet Parade frontperson, Trevor Murphy.

Outside of their previous single, “Young Hearts,” which was recorded and produced by Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions, Sorrey, Kinley) at The Hill Sound in Charlottetown, PEI the remaining eight tracks on The Will To Weather The Storm were recorded by Thomas Stajcer (Joel Plaskett, Erin Costelo, Villages) at New Scotland Yard in Dartmouth, NS.

While many acts are deferring album launches in the face of a global pandemic, the fog-rock quartet forges ahead with their planned release schedule for the new LP.

“This is a record about having perspective on the moments that change you; about acknowledging these shifts and the weight they put on your shoulders; about choosing the direction you take at new and unexpected forks in the road; about searching for a glimmer of light in the resolute dark,” Murphy wrote on social media as part of the album announcement in March. “These themes resonate for all of us right now – perhaps more than ever. In a month, the world may look completely different. When that time comes, perhaps you will find something meaningful in the songs we’ve collected, in the words I’ve written, and in this body of work that we have worked so hard to create.”

Pre-order the album on Bandcamp HERE.


Sleepless Nights are “Spendin’ Money” on Black Friday

Sleepless Nights - Spendin' Money - Web…stream the new single on digital platforms between purchases. 

Just in time for Black Friday, Sleepless Nights release their latest single, “Spendin’ Money. Stream it on your platform of choice HERE.

Despite its arrival on the busiest shopping day of the year, “Spendin’ Money” is anything but a pro-capitalism anthem. Couched in classic rock tones, glam rock grooves, and fuzzed-out riffs, the latest from the Toronto-based band instead takes a critical look at endless cycles of debt and how we end up there.

Whether because of “a torn diploma from another age” or from doing “menial work for a menial wage,” the track questions why ‘being in the black’ always seems so far out of reach.

This is the fourth single from Sleepless Nights this year, following the catchy-as-hell ripper Kids On Drugs, the Cars-esque Pink Popcorn, and a cover of the Eric Surette Acadian classic, La Molue. The band celebrates the release of this newest track with a show in Toronto, ON at the Handlebar on Saturday, December 14. In March 2020, Sleepless Nights head to New York to perform as part of The New Colossus Festival.

Quiet Parade releases new single, “Young Hearts”

YOUNG HEARTS - ART - Higher Res…stream the glossy pop-rock ripper and watch a video for the track today.

Quiet Parade returns with “Young Hearts” – a glossy pop-rock single showcasing the band’s new lineup and refined sonic direction. Produced and recorded by Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions, Sorrey), the track is underscored by a brand new video by Nicole Cecile Holland. Listen to the song on your platform of choice and watch the video below.

“Young Hearts” is a song about watching monumental changes happening in your friends’ lives from a distance. Natural disasters, inclement separation, falling out of touch and out of love: how do you react – how do you act – in these moments? How do you help them weather the storm? How do you accept the onset of such tempests in your own life? Between driving hooks, anthemic choruses, and enticing dynamics the band attempts to tackle such burrowing questions.


Sleepless Nights release cover of Acadian classic « La molue » by Eric Surette

SLN - La Molue - Art…stream the song on digital platforms today!  

In celebration of National Acadian Day, Sleepless Nights release « La molue » – a cover of the South Shore classic by Acadian musician Eric Surette. Listen HERE.

In the place of the original’s country inflections, a power pop groove provides the foundation for murky organs and fuzzed-out guitars that may be more at home amongst the discographies of The Knack and The Cars than on the wharves of the Carino. Staying true to the dialect and the accent of Par-en-Bas – an Acadian region in Southwestern Nova Scotia – this new rendition is a souped-up homage to the track which was first released on Surette’s 1988 cassette Chansons du Bas De l’Île.

“Eric Surette was the only professional, French-language musician we knew growing up,” says AA Wallace of Sleepless Nights. “He’s one of the only people we knew from our region that was recording and releasing albums and creating a career for himself. In retrospect, that had a tremendous impact on us.”

Now living in Toronto, Wallace originally hails from Wedgeport, NS. Rounding out the band lineup on the recording are two of the longest rotating Sleepless Nights members who are also from Par-en-Bas communities: Josh “Pinky” Pothier of Lower Eel Brook, NS on drums and Trevor Murphy of Surette’s Island on bass.

The track was recorded by Thomas D’Arcy at Taurus Recording (drums) and by AA Wallace at An Undisclosed Location (everything else), and is available to stream today on all digital platforms via Acadian Embassy.


À l’occasion de la Fête nationale des acadiens, Sleepless Nights dévoilent « La molue » – une reprise de la chanson classique par le musicien acadien Eric Surette. Écoutez ICI.

À la place des inflexions country de l’originale, un groove power pop crée la fondation pour des orgues boueux et des guitares électrifiées qui sont peut-être plus à l’aise parmi les discographies de The Knack et The Cars que sur les quais du Carino. Restant fidèle au dialecte et à l’accent de Par-en-Bas – une région acadienne du sud-ouest de la Nouvelle-Écosse – cette nouvelle interprétation est un hommage inspiré à la chanson qui était sortie pour la première fois en 1988 sur la cassette de Surette intitulé Chansons du Bas De l’Île.

« Eric Surette était le seul musicien professionnel francophone que nous savions en grandissant, » explique AA Wallace de Sleepless Nights. « Il était l’un des seuls gens de notre région qui enregistrait et sortait des albums enfin de créer une carrière pour lui-même. Rétrospectivement, cela a eu un impact énorme sur nous. »

Vivant maintenant à Toronto, Wallace est originaire de Wedgeport, N.-É. Complétant le groupe sur l’enregistrement sont deux des plus anciens membres de Sleepless Nights, eux aussi originaire des communautés de Par-en-Bas : Josh « Pinky » Pothier de Lower Eel Brook, N.-É. à la batterie et Trevor Murphy de l’Île Surette à la basse.

La piste a été enregistrée par Thomas D’Arcy à Taurus Recording (batterie) et par AA Wallace chez An Undisclosed Location (tout le reste). Elle est disponible aujourd’hui sur toutes les plateformes numériques via Acadian Embassy.

Rain Over St. Ambrose Releases Drop

DROP ART - FINAL…new single and lyric video streaming now!

Rain Over St. Ambrose releases, “Drop,” a brand new single available to stream today. Click HERE to listen on your platform of choice.

The latest stand-alone track from Rain Over St. Ambrose is a zoomed-out contemplation of existential context that effectively straddles two worlds. Like a hesitant step towards the dance floor, the song moves between bending leads and booming drum rolls before a descending bass line leads the way to a cavernous half-time chorus rife with choral-esque backup vocals and a raspy reflection on rock n’ roll in the era of pop dominance. Culminating with a delicate piano outro and a gentle vocal delivery, the song emphasizes an attentive sense of what could have been in the face of what is.

Interweaving nervous nostalgia with grounded precaution, frozen memories and thriving futures fuse together in an uncomfortable haze.

“Drop” was recorded at New Scotland Yard in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia by Thomas Stajcer (Joel Plaskett, Erin Costelo, Mo Kenney), and mixed at the Castle of Doom in Glasgow, Scotland by Tony Doogan (Wintersleep, Mogwai, Belle and Sebastian)

WATCH: “Drop” [Official Lyric Video]



…post-rock powerhouse announces Halifax show and releases back catalogue material to streaming services.

Nearly four years after slipping quietly into hibernation, Kuato awakens. The acclaimed instrumental post-rock powerhouse reanimates for a one-night-only performance at The Seahorse Tavern in Halifax, NS on Friday, April 26.

Ahead of the show, the band releases 2011 – a four-song EP that gathers material from their back catalogue previously unavailable on digital service providers. A compilation of the band’s favourite tracks from both the Summer and Winter EPs, 2011 features brand new artwork from James Farrell – a visual artist once part of Kuato’s inaugural incarnation who would later conceptualize live paintings during their shows.

“We figured people would want to add us on their gym workout playlist and thankfully this release will help make that possible,” says Kuato drummer, Josh Pothier. “You could call it a money grab, except we probably won’t make a dime.”

Stream the album on your platform of choice by clicking HERE.

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